Vietnam has a tech billionaire (USD) under 30

In the past, we still consulted about jobs, why are all Vietnamese billionaires in the field of real estate and banking, but none in the field of technology?

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Time, technology has spoken: Trung Nguyen, the founder of Ho Chi Minh City-based company Sky Mavis, has become a billionaire (USD) at the age of 29 (born in 1992) and is the first technology billionaire. of Vietnam.

The product of Sky Mavis is the Axie Infinity game developed on the basis of Blockchain art. Other with the artes of the game media is used to, Sky Mavis has given its Axie Infinity and a new level: not just an entertaining game, but both entertaining and making money through cryptocurrency investment opportunities AXS .

Vietnam has a tech billionaire (USD) under 30
Vietnam has a tech billionaire (USD) under 30

Sky Mavis was founded in 2017 and Axie Infinity was born in 2018, developed on a blockchain platform inspired by Pokemon, where players can own, breed, grow and quickly become attractive games. most, attracting 350,000 daily active users, mainly from the Philippines, USA, and Venezuela.

Axie players can use SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) to buy land, farm or breed Axies. And since SLPs and SXSs have value, gamers can also use them to pay rent or food in real life.

Axie quickly became the highest grossing blockchain game in the world. According to cryptoslam, Axie Infinity’s revenue as of early July 2021 has reached $386 million and according to data from Token Terminal, Axie’s revenue in the last 30 days is $90 million.

Thanks to extremely fast revenue growth, the price of AXS coin also increased rapidly, increasing by 600% within 1 month. The price movement of AXS coin and the capitalization of Sky Mavis is as follows:

– 07/07 for $9.69, $0.6 billion

– July 14, priced at 21$, 1.3 billion USD

– July 15, price 29.13 USD, 1.8 billion USD tỷ

– July 20, price 14.19 USD, 0.88 billion USD

– July 23, priced at $40.01, $2.44 billion

With such a dizzying increase in the price of AXS, on July 14, Sky Mavis’s capitalization reached $ 1.3 billion and currently Sky Mavis’s market capitalization has reached $ 2.44 billion (only yesterday’s transaction volume was up to $1.3 billion). 5.56 billion USD).

What a great miracle: It took only 4 years since the founding of Sky Mavis (2017) and exactly 3 years of the product launch of Axie Infinity (2018), Trung Nguyen and his associates have brought the value of the company to the world. company to $2.44 billion, a record time in Asian tech circles.

Maybe the time of Vietnamese technology people has come.

Compiled from Forbes, TechAsia and international newspapers.

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