The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to stop building new small hydropower projects

[Vietnam] Minister Tran Tuan Anh suggested localities to stop construction of small hydropower projects that are already in the planning but have not yet invested.

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In the documents just sent to the localities, the Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh suggested that these projects would only be implemented only after the assessment results ensure not being in the following criteria: a major and negative impact on the environment; greatly affect the population; appropriating natural forest land; and uneconomical.

In addition, hydropower projects with capacity of less than 10MW have not been considered yet.

The Minister also emphasized that it is necessary to continue to review hydropower planning. For those do not ensure economic efficiency, occupy natural forests, affect residents and adversely affect the environment must be excluded from the national planning.

The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Proposed To Stop Building New Small Hydropower Projects
The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Proposed To Stop Building New Small Hydropower Projects

For the projects already in operation and under construction, The Ministry of Industry and Trade will strengthen the management of inspection and management of construction quality, ensuring construction safety, meeting environmental requirements and regulations on investment in construction, especially projects located in areas with high risk of tube floods, flash floods and landslides. The investors who do not comply with the regulations will be severely punished, even revoking the construction permission, stopping the construction to remedy consequences.

Operating small hydropower projects is also noted by the Ministry. Projects should be reviewed and adjusted to what are not suitable to the actual climatic and hydrological conditions, minimizing the impact of flood discharge on the downstream. The ministry also proposed localities to strengthen inspection and handling of violations against dam owners who did not comply with the operating procedures.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the coming time, the Ministry will work directly with localities on hydropower development.

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