How to invest in Vietnam?

4 Ways To Invest In Vietnam 2021

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That are many ways to invest in Vietnam, however this post will show 4 common ways to invest in Vietnam: Establishing a business entity; Buying shares/contributing capital; Public-private partnership Contract; Business cooperation contract.

Establishing a business entity

Types of companies

There are four most common types of companies that foreign investors usually choose. Those are:

– Joint stock company

– Single shareholder limited company

– Multi-member limited company

– Partnerships

For your reference.

How to open new company in Vietnam

Opening new representative office in Vietnam

Buying shares/contributing capital

Common type of capital contribution:

– Buying shares from joint stock companies or its shareholders

– Buying capital contributions from members of limited liability companies

– Buying capital contributions from members of partnerships

Public-private partnership Contract

PPP (Public-private partnership) Contract is a contract between a country and investors to implement development projects. The projects are mostly infrastructure constructions, public service providing,

Business cooperation contract

BCC (Business cooperation contract) is an investment form that investors cooperate to share profits or/and products without establishing a new business entity. Therefore, rights and obligations of signing parties are specified in the contract.


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